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The island of Zakynthos, or Homer's 'wooded island, has a magical quality with its striking hills, sweet smelling pine forests and fields of wild thyme and rosemary. Long warm summer days where the mountains seem to slumber in the heat haze provide a time to swim, a time to read, a time to sail or time to unwind and do nothing at all.

Rural Northern Zakynthos, with its abundance of olive groves, epitomises the charming and laid back style of Greek rural living and you are likely to see goats balancing half way up an olive tree. Unspoilt family run tavernas with their shaded terraces welcome guests and offer fresh barbecued fish which may easily have been caught by the man sitting at the table next door. Everyone is amazingly friendly.

There is also a strongly religious and artistic side to the Zakynthians. The local churches and monasteries, complete with exquisite carving and gold-embellished icons are well worth a visit. Zakynthos town has an interesting museum, shaded colonnades and fun shopping along Alexandrou Roma. The yearly carnival is a terrific medieval celebration with jousting and other processions through the town. The jewellry, pottery, clothing and shoe shops are great and the large town square is lined with tavernas and coffee houses (delicious freshly squeezed orange juice).

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